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    Actual tested: this External battery supply power to BMPCC4K continuously record video last 4 hours.

    ZITAY 6-Cell Camera External Battery For BMPCC4K 6K

    Product Details:

    Item Name: 6-Cell Camera External Battery

    Material: Aviation-grade Aluminum Alloy



    Capacity: 10.8V 6800mAH 75WH

    Charging Voltage: 12.6V

    Charting Current: 2A

    Voltage Output: 9-12.6V

    Working Temperature: -20°C to 50°C


    External battery has four DC sockets. Plug the DC plug of the charger into any DC socket.
    External battery charging and discharging sockets are shared. Like a original SLR battery, the charging and discharging interfaces of original SLR battery are shared.
    It is normal for the charger to generate heat during charging, and the temperature will drop automatically when fully charged. Because charging power is large, it is quite normal that it produces heat. Ordinary laptop chargers will also heat up during charging.

    Charger Indicator:
    - Red Light: Charging
    - Green Light: Finishes charging and automatically cuts off power

    Package Included:
    - 1 x 10.8 V External Battery

    - 1 x BMPCC Power Cable
    - 1 x 12.5V Charger
    - 1 x Set of Fixing Accessories





    Security Tips:

    Do not put LP-E6 internal battery into BMPCC4K when using this high power external battery,  according to the BMPCC4K internal charging circuit design, if charge the LP-E6 by this external battery, charging current very high (reach to 18W) its easily to damage both the LP-E6 battery and external battery. Thats why many photographers feedback LP-E6 charged by external battery very fast, its more safe that charge Lp-E6 by the normal power below 7W but not by this External Battery.

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ZITAY Camera External Battery BMD BMPCC 4K 6K Work with LP-E6N Dummy Battery

ZITAY 6-Cell Camera External Battery For BMPCC4K 6KProduct Details:Item Name: 6-Cell Camera External BatteryMaterial: Aviation-grade Aluminum AlloySize:135x73x23(mm)N.W.:450gCapacity: 10.8V 6800mAH 75

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